It’s all about poop.

One of lifes hardest choices is which make of nappy do you use on your newborn. Do you go with recommendations? Perhaps value? Or maybe even popularity? What ever it may be there’s a choice out there for everyone.

When I was pregnant with Lucy, I remember receiving a Pampers nappy sample in my nappycomplatestv3Bounty pack. So obviously I decided that I was going to try Lucy with these. On the first day of Lucy wearing these nappies she had a horrible black poop and it leaked straight through, and also through her clothes, I was devastated because as a new mum I was literally thrown at the deep end, it was like an explosion. My Mother- In- Law recommended me to use Aldi’s Mamia Nappies as they have won awards and they are such a great price. I bought a pack of 32 for £1.15 (BARGAIN). These are by far the best nappies I have bought and I have stayed with them from Lucy growing up to Holly being born and putting them on her.

The only problem I really have is with Aldi itself, it is always busy and sometimes it puts me off going in as you have to wait in such long queue’s and I only ever go in for the nappies. If like me you don’t do queues then the next best nappy range is Tesco Loves Baby, to me they are a little bit more expensive version of Aldi’s, just as good of quality.

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